I really want to play b1.7.3 with my friends (it was the first version of Minecraft I ever played!) but I cannot find where/how to download it. I've tried mcversions.net but server files are not included for beta versions.

  • Anyone know a download link or something? Jul 9 '16 at 16:57
  • This question is closed, but the other question does not actually contain the beta server link. Here are some links (be careful): mediafire.com/?dnzauup0qg077pr
    – MrParrot
    Jan 7 at 15:16
  • Sorry if this is spam, i'm just trying to make sure the jar isn't lost
    – MrParrot
    Jan 7 at 15:23
  • sha1: "b0dc6c83046f47efed58ad9192884d1b3a103513" sha256: "95b83d2d593bddcd49a01dbef6b39796cbb82d0848af94dcc6b1d3c8f9a84dd6" sha512: "1bf03755905dea7cccb8283f4736ecd85282e5d978de8e699dde3b1553d9444513592a9a3369cfdefa96efec6a44fb5d1c50a183ceb266e7d773085164495bc1" sha224: "99ff01e02757766e3ffc8083e38aabfad39cdd7e9ee6ae9e1535f29e" sha384: "2e9b7b610ca40e13f55ebc31dead41fb7cbba1551f5d568ae621df4cb14168b993864a9252ad7b176daeed8651680565" md5: "94ee63262f226202452c4d3feec44baa"
    – MrParrot
    Jan 7 at 15:27

This Youtube video has the downloads to a variety of old server jars in its description. After downloading the jar and setting up the server, I can confirm that it is functional.

Here is a direct link to download the b1.7.3 server jar.


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