My sound breaks every here and there, so I use the new Minecraft feature added in the release 1.9: Subtitles. I already learned to use them, but sometimes they surprise me by what they write, like "Enderman vwoops".

But when I eat it shows this:

What the fu****ck?!?!

It says something equipped some gear (armor) when I eat. I didn't manage to hear the sound while eating (if there is any). So, is this a bug (does the game think I'm equipping some gear), or is this on purpose?

Also I sometimes see "minecraft rolls". I'm playing on vanilla Minecraft version 1.10.2 and I didn't notice this in any older version.

  • How else would you describe the Enderman noise?
    – anon
    Jul 24, 2019 at 16:29

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These are bugs, and it has been submitted to the Mojang Issue Tracker:

  • "Gear equipped" - When throwing a splash potion.
  • "Gear equipped" - Eating something, tested with many food items.
  • "Minecart Rolls" - Suggested that it happens when a chunk with a Minecart is rendered, even if the Minecart can't be seen.

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