I have a iPod touch 6th generation and in Pokemon Go it works perfectly fine but my character moves when I dont move, wanders around and pervents me from battling in gyms.

Are there any solutions to this issue?

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    iPod Touch? I assume Wifi only without any cellular data? It sounds like GPS updates are not accurate enough (but not completely inaccurate as well), which makes your character move – NBN-Alex Jul 10 '16 at 6:33
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    Possible duplicate of I have an iPod 5. Can I play Pokemon Go? – NBN-Alex Jul 10 '16 at 9:31
  • @NBN-Alex - related, but not the same question. – Robotnik Jul 10 '16 at 11:13

The iPod touch does not support GPS the way it is meant to be used with Go.

One major difference between the iPhone and the iPod touch is that the touch doesn't include true GPS features. It offers a limited kind of location awareness that is useful in many cases, but if you need true accuracy or are in a rural location, the iPod touch may leave you lost.

The reason it works funky for you is:

If there aren't many nearby Wi-Fi networks, or none at all, the touch won't be able to figure out where it is. That means it won't be able to provide turn-by-turn driving directions, suggestions for nearby restaurants, and similar information


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