I'm trying to make a map with arrow lasers you know that kind of thing... Just I can't seem to make the arrows spray in one direction. They randomly spawn.

Is there a command that changes that?

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I think you're asking how to shoot arrows in a specified direction. Use the Motion tag, like this:
/summon Arrow ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[1.2,4.5,3.2]}
But you can replace the numbers with your own values. The order is X,Y,Z. So /summon Arrow ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[0.0,10.0,0.0]} will make the arrow shoot up. And /summon Arrow ~ ~ ~ {Motion:[10.0,0.0,0.0]} will make the arrow shoot across the X axis, with a velocity of 10. You can play around with these values.
Note: The values must all have a decimal, even if there are no numbers beyond the whole number.

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