I wonder, there's an option to sign in with Google or Facebook account, mostly this tracks achievements which that much important to me. I have some costumes in the game that I won or bought with the tokens from challenges.

I'd like to know where does the game saves the data about what costumes I have unlocked, how much coins and tokens I have and so on. I guess achievements are logged at Google/Facebook database, but I'm not sure if the game data are saved on the device only or on the server too.


I probably have a game id which I think is assigned for Google/Facebook account after I sign in. If I backup with Titanium(rooted) data + apk, will I have a mirror of the game on another device, or does it need G/F account to get the data. Or something else?

I'd gladly try installing from Titanium backup, but I don't have spare device with me and I don't feel like reinstalling the app if I could lose data.

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Bricked & unbricked my phone with a special effect of wiping everything, such a pleasant experience.

TLDR: Backup is on server. Titanium shouldn't be necessary.

Backup is (at least) on the Google Play. The backup on Google Play includes (july 16):

  • coins
  • tokens
  • costumes
  • event tracking (+ item counting)
  • achievements
  • unopened capsules

Don't know about other important stuff or if it's available via Facebook account link, but it probably is.

I logged with the same account and didn't change the generated name (not neccessary I think) and then it provided a merge between the accounts. The merge was available after the tutorial game where it shows the game controlling.

Without account: The data are stored locally probably in /data/<game> or /data/data/<game>, so backup available only with root.

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