Is it possible to deploy more than one Pokemon in a gym? And how many gyms can you be in?


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You can be in as many as 20 gyms at once, but you cannot employ more than one of your own Pokémon at a single gym.


Gyms can hold up to 6 Pokémon, however each trainer can only have one of their own Pokémon on any given gym.

You can have 1 Pokémon in up to 20 gyms, but the maximum defender bonus you can collect from owning gyms is 50. For example, if I had Pokémon posted at 15 different gyms, I could at most collect 50 Pokécoins every 24 hours.

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The gym mechanism has changed drastically since Pokemon Go first launched, so here is an updated answer for the new mechanics:

Is it possible to put more than one Pokemon in a gym?

In a single gym, no, you can only put one Pokemon per Gym. But, you can have up to 20 Pokemon defending different gyms.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Gyms only have 6 slots for Pokemon. If all the slots are taken, the button to add a Pokemon will not appear.
  • You can only put Pokemon in either neutral (grey) Gyms, or gyms of your team colour i.e. Red (Team Valor), Blue (Team Mystic) or Yellow (Team Instinct).
    • You will need to battle and knock out Pokemon defending a gym of a different colour in order to return the gym to 'Neutral' status and add a Pokemon of your own.
    • Pokemon are knocked out when their Motivation (CP Heart) reaches 0. You may need to battle multiple times to knock Pokemon out of the gym.
  • Gyms will only allow a single Pokemon with the same Pokedex number.
    • For example: You can't add a Charmander when there is already a Charmander defending the gym.
    • This includes alternate forms and costumes - you can't add both a Raichu and an Alolan Raichu to the Gym
    • Note that Pokemon evolutions don't share a Pokedex number, you can add your Charmander when there is a Charmeleon or Charizard on the gym.
  • The Gym's 'battle order' is based on the order in which you added a Pokemon. First Pokemon added, first to battle, and potentially the first to be knocked out.
  • You can earn coins for leaving Pokemon in Gyms. Pokémon accumulate one PokéCoin per 10 minutes when they're in a Gym.
    • You can earn a maximum of 50 coins per day.
    • Coins are awarded when your Pokemon is knocked out of a gym



You can only have 1 of your own at a gym. Once it has been defeated you can take the gym back and add the same or a new one. You can add as many Pokemon to different gyms as you like but you only get the "defense bonus" from 10 gyms.


You can only have 1 per gym. You can have as many gyms as you want.

That being said, each gym has a base level. One Pokémon per per level. You level a gym up by training on it. It is based purely off of prestige. So if a gym is level two with 4k/8k...i believe you have to get the gym to 8k prestige before it's level 3 and another Pokémon can be placed there.


One Pokemon per gym. Up to 20 gyms.

More gyms = more coins from your gym reward (up to 50), which you get when your Pokémon is knocked out.


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