I'd like to check my understanding of field creation is correct. Here is a map:


  1. If I link A to D now, it will only create the field ABD and not also the field ACD? (Or does it create ACD but not ABD?)

  2. However, suppose the link BD did not exist yet; then I could link AD to create the field ACD; and then I could link D to B creating 2 more fields DBC and ABD.

So (any larger strategy notwithstanding) doing it the second way would end up with 1 more field, and thus more AP and MU.

Is this all correct?


Linking A and D will create field ACD, and not create ABD. If a link would create two or more overlapping fields, only the largest of those fields is created.

If A and D are linked, and then C is destroyed, it would leave ABD all connected but with no field (this is called a null field).

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