I've just begun trying using Razz Berries for catching high leveled Pokemon, but it seems like instead of making it easier it get's harder to catch them. Whenever I use a Razz Berry my throws either fly to the right or to the left when I'm only throwing straight forward.

I find it harder when using Razz Berries because they use up so many of my Pokeballs, and when not using the berries it can take up to only 3-4 balls to capture a high leveled Pokemon with accurate throws. Is it supposed to turn my Pokeballs in a different direction when using Razz Berries? Is it part of the game in order to get more skilled throwing?

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No, the razz berries are not causing this. Razz berries do not affect your throw at all; they only make the Pokemon more likely to stay in the ball once you get them in there. Although it says it affects your next throw, you can tell it actually means your next "catch" because you cannot use another razz berry until you get the Pokemon into the ball.

It sounds like you may be having the same problem as described in the question Ball curves on straight throw, or perhaps you are throwing curve balls on accident, or you are just not throwing it as straight as you think you are.

There are a number of people that insist using a razz berry does curve the ball. I personally believe that this is a combination of coincidence and confirmation bias. People use razz berries on harder Pokemon, which tend to be farther away, which makes it more noticeable when a ball doesn't go where you expect it to. Once you start to believe that, you also tend to notice when the ball curves when using a razz berry and dismiss it when it curves without a razz berry.

I initially had this same thought when I first got access to razz berries, but some informal testing convinced me that it's not true. My personal experience has been that the ball is equally likely to curve on a far Pokemon whether I use a razz berry or not, and being more careful with my throws vastly increases the chance that the ball will go where I want it to.

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I'm going to guess that what is happening is that the Pokemon that you are using razz berries on are the higher ones which means that they are further back and so you will be attempting to throw it further which leads to a longer swipe.

The problem is that you are swiping too far and for some reason if you swipe past the end of the screen the ball will become a curve ball and curve to the side.

I noticed this as it happened to me a lot of times when I was trying to catch a really high CP pokemon that was very far away.

I think that if you use AR mode you can aim the camera higher in order to not need to swipe as much to get the same distance. Other than that just try swiping shorter but faster.

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It happened to me and a few of my friends too after using Razz berry. It is a glitch apparently. The ball curls away after I use a Razz berry making it impossible to catch a pokemon.


Yes the Razz berries mess up your throw on iOS.


I've found that when this happens, turning on AR solves the problem, because I can angle my phone so that the pokemon is in the corner where the ball keeps going.

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