I couldn't find an existing question asking this, and the accepted answer for How does training work? says:

I don't think your returning Pokémon is buffed or damaged, but I can't say for certain

So, do you need to heal your Pokemon after training in a Gym, i.e. are they damaged? Do you need to revive them?

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Yes, after training at a Pokégym, if your Pokémon takes any damage, they will need to be healed. Note, if your Pokémon loses, he will faint and need to be revived.

source: personal experience

  • Bingo. Stock up on potions before you hit the gym!
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Yes you do need to heal your pokemon after training in a Gym. The lowest they can go down is to 1 hp if it is your own team's gym while they can faint in an opposing faction's team which is when you need to use revive. Personal experience.

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