So I got my xbox 360 controller working on my mac which actually took a while too

My controller will work with an old version of counterstrike (source), but not the new counterstrike go.

I searched all around, found some tips here but was dated last year so not sure if those fixes still work.

I tried the console exec controller 360 command that you can find here in a search but it doesn't recognize the command. I do have the console turned on, and controller selected in the menu. I even tried the big picture mode some have said in the past to turn on. I've watched a few videos but I don't think they were with OS X 10

Any suggestions? I can't get the controller to work at all with CSGO, but it works with CS source, which is a very old game. I think the even older CS original game also won't work with the controller, but I'm fine with it not working with that one, and I have not tried any other games, only because I don't want to play those.

  • What version of OSX are you running? – Kaizerwolf Jul 20 '16 at 13:10
  • its a brand new mac mini, I'm assuming Yosemite ? really don't know how to even look up what I have. but there are no updates needed to the os if that helps – magic mike Jul 20 '16 at 18:45

Have you tried both of the below commands?

  1. Start a game of CSGO, choose your team and open up your console (~).
  2. Type the command: "exec controller.360.cfg", hit enter.
  3. Type the command: "joystick 1", hit enter.

More insight may be found here: CounterStrike: GO - Xbox 360 controller not moving

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