As a Yellow Team member, I've heard that we get stronger pokemons from hatching eggs, but I have the feeling that all the pokemons I find are really low for my trainer level (14 now). I Get a bunch of <100 while some Blue Team friends have many >100 Pokemons.

Is there any kind of bug/issue? Has anyone experienced something similar? I mean, I've never seen/caught anything >340, and I have lower level friends who have caught stronger Pokemons :(

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Team Buffs
People have hypothesised the following team buffs:

  • Team Instinct (yellow) - Higher CP pokemon from eggs/better eggs (eg. 10km instead of 2km)
  • Team Mystic (blue) - Higher CP from evolution
  • Team Valor (red) - Higher CP from power up

These team buffs have not yet been proven.
It is just lore/story on a screen at the moment.
See: Source

Higher CP
Even if low CP pokemon did have something to do with team buffs it would still not matter seeing as there is no "team buff" for finding higher CP pokemon. As mentioned per story/lore per team.

Possilbe solution
I noticed if I stay around my house I get low level pokemon but after walking around for a bit (walk 2km towards another area) I find higher level CP pokemon and even different types.

Note: When I get back from my walk, most of the pidgeys, ratatas and weedles around my house have higher CP. This happens alot (of course excluding the occasional low level CP of 21 or so which is 1/10 encounters) and they are usually CP 150+

Also note that I am level 14 nearly level 15.

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I'm trainer level 13 and I was wondering the same thing. But from time to time I get some high CP Pokemon (like >500)

Just be patient and keep searching.


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