I wonder if a gym can get free after some time (like e.G. 2,3,4,..,n days no action) or by removing defending pokemons (i guess that is not possible but i am not sure?) or other circumstances, or only through winning battles against the defending pokemons? Or will the gym be captured forever if noone tries to lower reputation by attacking?

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The only way to remove Pokemon and in turn a team from a gym is by lowering the Prestige of the gym down to zero. Every time you defeat a single Pokemon in the gym, it lowers the prestige by a little bit, with a bonus for defeating every Pokemon in the gym.

To answer your second question, yes, a gym can theoretically be held forever by a single team if no one decides to fight it.


The only way to get a pokemon out of a gym is by defeating it, that is if it is in an opposing team. If no one lowers the reputation of the gym it will belong to team/trainers in the gym until beaten.

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