I killed mettaton neo when I hadn't gotten the required kills for Hotland... and I saved it how do I de kill her? I tried the time-travel thing and it did not work.


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In Undertale, you only have one save slot in-game. Once you've saved, your only option is to reset to start from the beginning again.

That being said, parts of the game is recorded in hidden locations of your PC. Here's a link to answers as to how to completely "reset" your Undertale save as if you're playing for the first time again. Some of the possible options are also to use 3rd-party programs that will allow you to save/restore the game in different states. (Use at your own risk of course.)

As for "unkilling", the path you've taken is already set. You cannot go back. Your only option is to reset and try again. (...assuming you really want to have a bad time.)

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