So the problem I'm having is being able to set a block with the same ID name.

For example /give Jason_ minecraft:sand

but what I'm trying to get is red sandenter image description here

I know that ID Numbers where taken out so I can't use

/give Jason_ 12:1

According to http://www.minecraftinfo.com/idnamelist.htm red sand's ID name is sand:1, but I use it like this and I receive an error. /give Jason_ minecraft:sand:1

There is no such item with this name.

I have also tried /give Jason_ minecraft:red_sand and /give Jason_ minecraft:sand_red

What am I doing wrong?


/give syntax:

/give <player> <id> [Damage] {tag}

The secondary data is stored as the "Damage" value:

/give @p minecraft:sand 1

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