Has anyone else had CP 60 Pidgeys and CP 40 Rattata (I'm level 17) evade capture? Higher CP does not seem to directly correspond to capture chance, although it does.

Is there any rhyme or reason to which pokemon will resist capture and which will not? Or am I just seeing Jesus in the pancakes, and this is just seeing patterns where there are none?

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    Probably bad RNG!
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This has not been 100% confirmed but there have been many complaints that it gets harder to catch lower cp pokemon the higher trainer level you are. I personally have experienced this multiple times with low level weedles and caterpies.

For instance, Riggnaros says, once you reach a level in the "mid 20s," low-powered Pokémon you encounter in the game start to "have an abnormally high chance to evade capture." Source

That's a quote taken from a person who had hit level 30 days ago.

There is definitely a direct correlation between high CP and difficulty of capture as pokemon with higher CP will have darker colored rings and evolved pokemon will also be harder to capture.

Source: Personal Experience

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All Pokemon have a Capture and Flee rate, there was a nice Google Spreadsheet page made with a list of all this data you can check it out here.

It's happened to me a several times as well. A low CP Zubat immediately escaped after I failed one Pokeball throw. Some people say that if you travel too far away from where you have seen the Pokemon then the Pokemon will have a higher chance to escape.

Credits to this Reddit Post for the Google Spreadsheet.

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