This question is unrelated to Kenway's Fleet, it only focuses on the actual free-roaming world.

In Assassin's Creed 4, the player can look at a ship through the spyglass, seeing useful information such as the cargo (the five types - Wood, Metal, Cloth, Rum and Sugar) it carries, as seen in the top right of the picture below.

Image from http://cdn.cheatcc.com, showing the level 17 brig Proteus with 55 metal and 15 rum.

My question is, how much wood, metal, cloth, rum or sugar would you expect to find on each type of ship?

Now, unfortunately the 'type' is also another question in itself. Does the cargo vary depending on:

  • Whether the ship is a gunboat/schooner/brig/frigate/man o’ war?
  • Whether the ship is British, Spanish, owned by pirates or is a Hunter?
  • How high the level of a ship is?

It seems to be randomised, maybe there is a particular range the number of each type of cargo falls between?

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