Does anyone know if the Weapon Plant or Outfit Factory give experience (besides incidents of course)?

I want to produce +7E outfits and send my SPECIAL maxed level 1 dwellers into the wasteland, and max out their HP. However, I first need to produce these outfits.

Not having enough dwellers yet to go around, my idea was to use these maxed out level 1 guys to make their own clothes - but I can't have them leveling in this room.


Sure, but they need to be working on it! The rooms change the s.p.e.c.i.a.l depends you do, for example, if the outfit factory are doing a shirt with skill A it would be nice if you drag and drop a pj with skill A, and etc.


Yes, but only when they are being productive - I.e. when they are crafting something.

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