TLDR: If I'm standing still in Pokemon Go, how far can I catch a pokemon?

I want to start using this app at work https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pokemon-go-spawn-notifica/iklagoflgdhdicifcpjnlcjphibhebdo/related It will notify me when a Pokemon is near.

Thing is the 500m default range shows much more pokemon than I can catch without moving. (I can't move because I'm working)

So what should be the range I put in that application to have notifications only for pokemon who spawn and that I can catch without leaving work?

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From this post, Pokemon will only appear if they are within 50 meters of you.

You will see pokemon on in-game map when you are less than 50m away from him.

This post supports that number as well.

Pokemon won't show up until the client decides you're 50m or less away from the Pokemon.


40m officially. But since the game's distance measurement isn't so exact, you should set the app to ~60m.


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