I'm a F2P (free to play) player in WoW, meaning I'm stuck at level 20, unable to use such things as mailboxes or the auction house. That means that if I want gear, I have to work for it (I know, working in a game - ah, Blizzard). At least until the legion patch.

That patch introduced gear that you can obtain when winning a random battleground. You get a crate containing a mark of honor and a random piece of gear suited to your class.

My question is, where can I find a list of gear that can be obtained? I have so far been unable to find any such list. The closest I've gotten is this search on WoWhead. I know that some of those items, including everything that's listed as level 43 (which is in reality level 25) are obtainable, because I have them on various characters. I'm not so sure about the items listed as level 62, as I have not seen them yet.

Question: Is there a list of gear obtainable by winning BGs for a level 20 player?

Note: I'm doing this primarily to see if the horde's long wait for headgear wearable by level 20 is over. All we get is the Lucky Fishing Hat, which takes about 6 months to grind, and a lot of luck. No guilds for F2P, meaning no guild heirlooms, like headgear.


Currently there is no viable list of items, but you can set a workaround filter on WoWHead using the data we already know:

  • Added in patch 7.0.3
  • ILvl 43, 62
  • From a bit of looking we can narrow down the item ids to be between 134600 and 134700

  • Search result: clicky

This gives you the following:

  • Cloth: Auxiliary's ...
  • Leather: Rookie's ...
  • Mail: Greenhorn's ...
  • Plate: Front-Line ...
  • Everything else (rings, trinkets, weapons/off-hand items): Recruit's ...

Note: There is no Neck listed, so this might not be added as reward. All the other item slots are available.

  • Thanks. Still no confirmation that starters can get the headgear, but it's a place to start. Thanks for your time! Off-topic question, what is iLvl? – Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron Aug 8 '16 at 14:20
  • 1
    @ThomasMyron that's a shortcut for Item Level. And if you follow the link you can see a set of head gear as well. Only neck gear is missing. – dly Aug 8 '16 at 14:22

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