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How can I login to original. Want me to start over. Level 18

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    It's a glitch. Contact Niantic support ASAP. There's reports of accounts resetting. DO NOT go past the starter selection. Close as soon as Prof. Willow's dialog finishes. – aytimothy Jul 31 '16 at 23:36

Apparently this is a glitch on the server's side that causes users' progress to reset as of the 0.31.0 (Android)/1.1.0 (iOS) update.
Personally, it hasn't happened to me, but there have been reports of this happening.

Currently, official sources ask you to:

Should you have your progress reset, as this is a known glitch, DO NOT go the your Starter Pokemon selection. As soon as Willow finishes his dialog (or if you haven't finished it yet), close the app and contact Niantic Support ASAP for them to look at your account and rectify the issue.


I had the same problem after the update. Go onto your safari/chrome etc and check that you are signed into the google account you want to be. Then go on Pokemon Go and move through catching a Pokemon and creating a nickname. (Note: your old nickname is still taken) when you're through to get into settings log out and sign back into your old account. It should all be there!

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