I was wondering how to use the /spawnpoint command in 1.9.4. I tried /spawnpoint @p -44 7 -28 and it said:

Set spawnpoint to -44 7 -28

I then used /kill but I respawned at my original spawn location and the following message(s) appeared:

Killed JohnnyBobMan (Me)
JohnnyBobMan fell out of the world
Your home bed was missing or obstructed

When I tried /spawnpoint -44 7 28 (Not -28), it worked and sent me to -44 7 28. This may seem like a solution but remember: It want to respawn at -28, not 28.

Thanks alot for your time.

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    Is there anything at -44, 7, -28 that could obstruct you respawning? – SirBenet Aug 1 '16 at 16:38
  • ah dident think to put that in my awnser good job thinking of that! – Epb7304 Aug 17 '16 at 14:08

Who are you trying to set a spawnpoint to?

If your trying to make a spawnpoint for you, then just go into the desired spawnpoint and do


If this doesn't work my brainz dead sry

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just do /spawnpoint yourusername -44 7 -28

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