Recently, I tried typing /help in a command block. In the command block output it writes me some message like "Searge says: Ask for help on twitter". Always when I do this it shows me another message. I looked online for a complete list of outputs, but didn't find anything, just two or three /help outputs.

Could I get a complete list of possible outputs when typing /help in a command block?


Every output starts with "Searge says:" and then has one of the following:

  • Contact helpdesk for help
  • Sorry, no help today
  • /testfornoob @p
  • Oh my god, it's full of stats
  • /kill @p[name=!Searge]
  • /trigger warning
  • Scoreboard deleted, commands blocked
  • Ask for help on twitter
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Yolo
  • /deop @p
  • /achievement take achievement.understandCommands @p

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