I am most commonly living in one of two places.

  • Place A has an Xbox one with the Borderlands Handsome Collection.
  • Place B has an Xbox 360 with Borderlands 2.

I know that using the built in save-transfer tool, Place B's save can go to place A, but is there a built in way, does Microsoft's cloud save service have the ability, or is there something I an do to transfer the saves from Place A to place B? it is very annoying having an item on one, but not on the other version, and playing missions multiple times over.

Tools at my disposal: \Xbox One (+BLands2 DLC, because handsome collection)\ \Windows PC\ \Xbox 360 (No DLC)\ \External USB HDD\ \External USB Flash Storage Device\

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There is a built in way to move your XBOX 360 saves to the XBOX One, namely via the "Cloud Save" function, for more detailed information on how to do that read this article on the official GearBox (developers of BL) site.

However, you can't move saves from the XBOX One to the XBOX 360 as Microsoft doesn't support that. The proof for that is in the article I already quoted. Notice that it says

Please note: The Xbox family of systems can only move saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and not the other way around.

around halfway through the article.

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