In Pokemon Red and Blue, which Pokemon learn moves at the same level at which they evolve?


Which Pokemon (limited to the original 151) learn moves as they simultaneously evolve?

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It appears the question was about Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow specifically. Almost every Pokémon had their movepools and the levels they learnt moves changed from Gen I to the Advanced Generation (Gen III), so here is a list of the Pokémon that learnt moves as they levelled up within the Gen I games (solely Red, Blue, and Yellow):

  • Charmeleon to Charizard, Level 36, Wing Attack
  • Caterpie to Metapod, Level 7, Harden (only Yellow, not Red or Blue)
  • Metapod to Butterfree, Level 10, Confusion (only Yellow, not Red or Blue)
  • Weedle to Kakuna, Level 7, Harden (only Yellow, not Red or Blue)
  • Mankey to Primape, Level 28, Rage (only Yellow, not Red or Blue)
  • Poliwag to Poliwhirl, Level 25, Doubleslap
  • Bellsprout to Weepinbell, Level 21, Stun Spore
  • Slowpoke to Slowbro, Level 37, Withdraw
  • Magikarp to Gyarados, Level 20, Bite
  • Dratini to Dragonair, Level 30, Slam

(Information compiled from Serebii.net's RBYGSC Pokédex).

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Now, I might be wrong, but my understanding is that no Pokemon learns moves during the act of evolution. All moves are learned through: breeding, leveling, or HM/TM.

That said, there are Pokemon who evolve at levels where they also learn moves. The two mechanisms are disjoint, but can occur at the same time.

For example: Charmander, learns Dragon Rage at level 16. It also evolves to Charmeleon at level 16. Thus it can learn Dragon Rage and then evolve after a single battle.

Assuming you want a list of these occurrences the answer is:

Before Evolving
  • Charmander to Charmeleon (level 16, learns Dragon Rage)
  • Squirtal to Wartortle (level 16, learns Bite)
  • Wartortle to Blastoise (level 36, learns Skull Bash)
  • Poliwag to Poliwirl (level 25, learns Bubble Beam)
  • Geodude to Graveler (level 25, learns Smack Down)
  • Magnemite to Magneton (level 30, learns Lock-On)
After Evolving
  • Bublbasaur to Venusaur (level 32, learns Petal Dance)
  • Charmeleon to Charrizard (leavel 36, learns Wing Attack)
  • Metapod to Butterfree (level 10, learns Confusion)
  • Kakuna to Beedrill (level 10, learns Furry Attack)
  • Rattata to Raticate (level 20, learns Scary Face)
  • Ekens to Arbok (level 22, learns Crunch)
  • Sandshrew to Sandslash (level 22, learns Crushclaw)
  • Oddish to Gloom (level 21, learns Mega Drain)
  • Venonat to Venomoth (level 31, learns Gust)
  • Digglet to Dugtrio (level 26, learns Mud Bomb)
  • Mankey to Primape (level 28, learns Rage)
  • Abra to Kadabra (level 16, learns Confusion)
  • Ponyta to Rapidash (level 40, learns Fury Attack)
  • Slowpoke to Slowbrow (level 37, learns Withdraw)
  • Seel to Dewgong (level 34, learns Sheer Cold)
  • Gastly to Haunter (level 25, learns Shadow Punch)
  • Rhyhorn to Rhydon (level 42, learns Hammer Arm)
  • Magikarp to Gyarados (level 20, learns Bite)
  • Omanyte to Omstar (level 40, learns Spike Cannon)
  • Kabuto to Kabutops (level 40, learns Slash)
  • Dragonair to Dragonite (level 55, learns Wing Attack)
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    Actually, some Pokemon learn a move after evolving, if the evolution learns it at that level. The classic example is Kadabra - it learns Confusion at level 16, after evolving from Abra (who does not learn Confusion at all). I haven't the patience to browse all the Pokedexes looking for more though ;) Aug 14, 2011 at 15:23
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