Today I saw a gym that had been taken over by Team Mystic, which is my team. It only had 2 Pokemon in it. I placed my highest Pokemon on the gym, and about half an hour later I was looking at my phone and noticed it was being attacked. I figured it was going to be taken over by one of the other teams.

It turned grey and stayed that way for about 5 minutes which was odd. It then went right back to Blue with 3 Pokemon on it, except I wasn't the third Pokemon - I got kicked out!

Why did I get kicked out?

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    Most likely several members of your team were close to the gym when it was defeated, and one of them put their pokemon into it before anyone from another team, recapturing it for your team. – yoozer8 Aug 4 '16 at 19:53
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    I have no source so I won't add this as an answer but what I'm guessing happened is that in those 5 minutes that it stayed gray it was actually retaken by your team and then the 3 Pokemon were added. You were not kicked out technically, your team was defeated and then sneaked back in before the enemy team could "capture" it. – Virusbomb Aug 4 '16 at 19:57
  • I have edited this post to remove references to outdated mechanics (gym leveling and 'friendly battles'). The majority of the question is still answerable (and relevant) to Pokemon Go in 2020. – Robotnik Nov 20 '20 at 3:18

You got kicked out because the Gym was defeated - all the Pokemon on the gym were knocked out, one by one. Some of your Team Mystic teammates then "sniped" the gym - claiming it for Team Mystic by placing Pokemon on to defend it before whoever defeated it could claim the gym for themselves.

The gym going grey was the game showing all the old Pokemon leaving the gym. If you check usernames, you'll probably see that none of the trainers are the same ones you joined when you defended the gym, and all the Pokemon placed there changed too.

Update: The game has put measures in place to prevent sniping. When a gym is defeated, only the victor (one of the players who got the "You defeated the gym" screen) can put pokemon into the gym for about 5 minutes. If they put a pokemon in, the grace period is ended immediately to allow others to join in supporting/defending the gym.

  • I have edited this post to remove references to outdated mechanics The majority of this answer is still relevant to Pokemon Go in 2020. – Robotnik Nov 20 '20 at 3:22

Anyone can take over a Gym after the team that was controlling it has been kicked out.

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