My two horses just won't breed. I've tried golden apples, golden carrots and normal carrots. I've tried with many horses but it doesn't work!! Am I doing something wrong? They're both tamed as well.

  • I believe that taming them prevents breeding, but I'm probably wrong.
    – Daniel G
    Aug 5 '16 at 18:10

You should just have to right click two tamed horses with either golden carrots or golden apples. This should work as long as they haven't been bred within the last 5 minutes


Horses have a taming cooldown of 5 minutes; if you have tamed them in last 5 minutes, you need to wait a bit.


There is a breeding limit. Say you have a farm and breed sheep, chickens, cows, or pigs. You need to kill some of the animals you bred in order to breed the horses. I made this mistake when I was new to minecraft and wasted several golden carrots.


Horses need to have enough space to breed! That fixed the issue for me. I had a pretty small enclosure for them and it just wasn’t working

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