So far, I've built a few houses and they all followed the requirements:

  • House must be at least 6 blocks high
  • House must be at least 10 blocks wide
  • House must have a wall that covers the background
  • House must have a chair and a table
  • House must have a light source, such as a torch
  • House must be far from corruption

So far the only NPC living in an occupited house is the guide, no one else is moving in. All my money is in a chest (as it says if you store your money you won't lose them if you get killed, also I'm on normal difficulty). But should I have my money in my inventory in order for an NPC to appear so I can assign them to one of my built houses? Is there something else I'm missing? I checked housing and it said it's suitable.

UPDATE: I have a table too. So that won't work.

UPDATE 2: I made the floor stone, since it said a solid floor. But the linked question said to have a wood floor, so I'll change that.

UPDATE 3: I have a few hundred coins in my chest, so I won't be able to fit all of them on my inventory, but I'll fit some.

UPDATE 4: After a mining trip, I got a message saying a merchant NPC has arrived.

  • I am not sure about console, hence why this is a comment, but when you press ESC on the right side, do you have something called "House Query" with a "?" mark? You can use that to check if the house is suitable to be inhabited. – Mano Aug 5 '16 at 19:50
  • You need to have at least 50 silver in your inventory in order for the merchant to spawn - having your money in chests doesn't trigger his spawn. Other NPCs have other spawn conditions. – Mage Xy Aug 5 '16 at 19:54
  • @Mano I'm on Xbox. – Jim Jones Aug 5 '16 at 20:24
  • I know, I was just wondering if the feature was available there too, my mistake. – Mano Aug 5 '16 at 20:32

From the question, it seems you're missing a Table.

Help with the house, if needed further can be found Here

You also need some requirement to get the individual NPC's so you may need to achieve those.

A list of requirements to get NPC's can be found Here

Edit: From your update about coins, yes. you need the required amount of coins (50 silver) on your character in order to attract the assigned NPC - The Merchant.

You say you have a few hundred coins in your chest. Coins, when in your chests, not your inventory or assigned money pouch do not stack properly.

If you simply pull them out of the chest Drop them on the ground somewhere safe away from danger, then pick them back up. they will stack into their respective tiers.

  • Copper x 100 will become Silver x 1
  • Silver x 100 will become Gold x 1
  • Gold x 100 will become Platinum x 1

The 'linked' question said you need a wooden floor, that isn't true. You can have any number of different materials to build your house with, provided they fit within the criteria of building a house. If it were just wood that you were allowed to build with, there would be a lack of aesthetic and diversity to houses, so I can tell you just from that (As well as the fact that I built a home out of stone myself at one point) that wood isn't your only option.

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  • I did add a table. – Jim Jones Aug 5 '16 at 20:40

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