I have several higher evees, one of which I am going to evolve. One evee, at cp 267, has a 70 dig attack, and the other cp 325 evee has a much weaker 40 attack. Will evolving the lower evee produce an über powerful attack? I am hoping so, as this will be my first vaporeon, and it will complete my evee team.


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When you evolve a Pokemon, their IVs (Attack, Damage, and Stamina) will all stay the exact same as the pre-evolved form, as will their level. As a result, an evolved Pokemon will also experience a CP gain to keep them at the same level. Therefore, it makes more sense to evolve the higher-IV Eevee.

However, there is no guarantee as to what moves you get when you evolve a Pokemon, as they are randomly selected from an "allowable list" from each species. Therefore, your high-IV Eevee may become a high-IV Flareon with a horrible moveset. At the same time, your low-IV Eevee may become a low-IV Jolteon with the best possible moveset.

Typically, it is recommended to evolve the higher IV Pokemon, though.


The higher the cp the higher the evolved evolution will be the water type u can get by nicknaming it rainer it has the most cp and HP if u nickname one sparky he's the fastest and pyro the fire type but all depends on what you're facing

  • I know that, but should I evolve the eevee with a higher attack strength, or the eevee higher in cp. like does the attack of the base pokemon influence the attack strength of the evolved pokemon?
    – kkutzera7
    Aug 6, 2016 at 15:20

As far by the community is concerned, the moves learned are completely random on Evolution.

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