When trying to get the "The Lubricator" achievement, a common trick is to hide out in a corner of a shed, let the Kamikaze Claptraps blow themselves up, go watch a movie and collect the items afterwards. If you're distracted or not careful enough, you might die (because MINAC runs you over, for instance). If I don't want to wait out 10 hours before each collection run, I need more short runs. If I die during one of those, does the counter reset, and I need to collect 25 within one "lifetime" or does that not matter.

Which is it?

PS: Same goes of course for the counters of Pizzas, Slips, Bobbleheads, 3D-glasses, Fishes

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It does not reset between each death. The only condition is that you collect so many of each type, and that's it.

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