I have been trying to grow wheat in Minecraft but it hasn't been growing. It is in the sunlight and there is water but it's just not growing. This is my first time growing crops and I thought it was just because it takes long to grow them so I want to know how long it takes to grow them (specifically wheat).

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Speaking from experience it has taken 1 day cycle to 6 day cycles to grow depending on if they are hydrated or not.

The wheat crop has a total of eight stages from the time it is planted until it can be harvested. Planted seeds need at least a light level of 9 in the block above them to grow or be exposed to the sky.

Crops will grow faster if the farmland they are planted in is hydrated. Bone meal can also be used to increase the speed of growth by causing the seeds to randomly increase their stage by 1 to 7.

If your seeds just wont grow make sure they're exposed to the sky and make sure they have direct access to water.

Reference: here

  • Seeds does not need direct access to water. It needs water only in 1-4 blocks away.
    – Taavi
    Aug 8, 2016 at 12:48
  • Also, wheat crops will grow faster if they are planted in "rows," as in if they have an empty farmland block next to them Aug 8, 2016 at 18:16

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