I'm mostly wondering if there any way to port or convert minecraft ps4 saves into a format that is compatible with pc minecraft. I only own a ps4 and a pc, but I'm still curious if it's possible to do the same for xbox. Also, are there any legal reasons not to convert files from one platform to another?


While not a direct duplicate of this Arqade question, the answer to that question is of relevance to yours.

Please keep in mind the following items:

  • These are not supported by Mojang or 4J Studios
  • The XBOX version doesn't support all PC features; you will lose any newer blocks/items
  • The conversion is said to take ~10 minutes, and is quite involved
  • The PC world is larger than XBOX ones, so you'll lose anything that it cannot fit

This list is copied verbatim from the answer linked, and credit goes to the SE user @colorfusion.

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