I saw a youtube video where Reinhardt does nothing and somehow his ultimate goes up quickly. Once it's up he kills 3 enemies at once.

I forgot the URL but here is another one.

I wonder why the ultimate goes up quickly?

Maybe because he blocks a lot? His shield gets destroyed a lot of times.


No. Reinhardt does not gain ultimate charge for blocking damage. He does, however, gain lots of ultimate charge for dealing damage. For every 11 points of damage he deals, he gains 1% ultimate, according to this answer. This means that if a charge hits, that's up to 27% ultimate charge right there, and 6% for every hammer swing.

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    Since Firestrike can pass through and hit multiple enemies, that is another way he can very quickly build ultimate charge.
    – Nathan K
    Aug 12 '16 at 17:48

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