I'm a regular player of some CS 1.6 servers, and to make the joining process easier I'm looking for a console command that allows me to join a team through console, the idea behind that is to automatically join a specified server and start playing directly after launching the game by adding some lines to the autoexec.cfg file as follow:

connect <server_ip>
the command im looking for to automatically join a team and start playing (it would be something like `join_team ct`)

I noticed that by adding these lines to the autoexec.cfg:

connect <server_ip>

the server retry during the joining process (before joining the server), so I assume that even if I found the command mentioned above the same thing will happen, so, how to make the second line to be executed only after joining the server?.


I do not believe there is a command to automatically join a team. You can use the changeteam command to pull up the team change menu and then menuselect 1 to chose T or 2 for CT.


CS 1.6 Client And Console Commands


type in console jointeam 1 or 2 or 5
or just type jointeam and the menu will appear

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