When I play Civ V, I always start a game via the Mods menu. The Setup screen under mods lists a many more map types, and I set to random.

However, I am not sure how random it is. Is it selecting at random from the full list or from the regular game list (which is more limited).

Is there a way while playing the game to find out what map type it is?

  • I do think there's a note in that menu that says Earth is not among the maps up for random selection.
    – aedia λ
    Commented Aug 17, 2011 at 3:19

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In the load menu, when you click a saved game, you can see a question mark signifying that your map choice was random. If you hover your mouse over that question mark, the tool-tip will display the actual map type which was chosen:

screenshot of game load information

You can also see a similar graphics in-game by opening the game menu (by clicking the button or hitting Esc), where you can also hover the cursor over the map type to see what it is:

screenshot of in-game menu

(had to edit the cursor back in because the screenshots won't show it :)


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