Here is a link to the trailer: DotA 2 Trailer.

Does this guy have any relevance to the DotA story line or world, or is he just a character they added into the trailer to put a face to the voice?

I am not talking about the heroes, I am talking about the big-nosed fellow who is doing the talking.


In all likelyhood, he is the shopkeeper for the store.

DotA has no real plot to speak of.

Leaked picture from dota 2,looks like him and resembles scourge secret shop

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    If you pay attention to what he's saying, this makes perfect sense. "What does a hero truly need? ... Would you be X? ... Then I have Y for you." – Jeff Mercado Aug 17 '11 at 9:34
  • Perfect! I played DotA and i knew there was not much story, thats where the question came from. Way more respect for the shopkeeper now haha. – Josh K Aug 17 '11 at 17:22

He is indeed the Shop Keeper of Dota 2 Secret Store.

You can learn more about him by reading Tales From Secret The Shop - Are We Heroes Yet?, a comic published by Valve.

Are We Heroes Yet?
(source: steampowered.com)

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