I am trying to use the setblock command to place a chest with a sunflower named 'jumping joy' in it. This is the command that I am using:

/setblock ~2 ~2 ~ minecraft:chest 0 destroy{Items:[id:175'Count:1,Slot:0,tag:{Name:"jumping joy"}}}]} 

but it keeps saying Invalid tag encountered, expected '{' as first char.

What am I doing wrong here?

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    You'd need a space between "destroy" and your nbt tag at least – Unionhawk Aug 13 '16 at 1:05
  • As of 1.8 (i think, could be 1.7) item IDs have changed. Instead of 'id:175' you would now use 'id:double_plant'. You may need to use the 'Damage:' tag to determine the type of doubleplant it is, as i believe that double grass is the generic item in this situation – Chemical Comrade Dec 8 '16 at 6:48

There are a couple things wrong with this.

/setblock ~2 ~2 ~ minecraft:chest 0 destroy{Items:[id:175'Count:1,Slot:0,tag:{Name:"jumping joy"}}}]} 

For one thing, there's no space after "destroy". Next, tag:{Name:"jumping joy"} is not the syntax to name an item. You'll need to use tag:{display{Name:"jumping joy"}} for that. Next, you have a single quote instead of a comma after id:175. Lastly, you should not be using numerical item ID's if you're in version 1.8 or later. They're depreciated in 1.8, and removed in 1.9 and upwards.

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