Does it have any in-game effects if you play Pokemon Go in another country? For example, if you catch Oddish in Hong Kong, is the Oddish you catch there different from a Oddish you catch in Tokyo (e.g. the country of catch is recorded on the data)?

Note that I do NOT mean whether you can play Pokemon Go in another country just using your home country's account; I ask if the data under it has any differences on playing among different countries, much like the 3DS games which show the birthplace (e.g. USA or JPN) and sometimes let you name in a different way like Hangul.

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There is no difference in Pokemon if you obtained it somewhere else.

When the game just launched, there was a map shown for each Pokemon where you had catch it. However, this feature has been removed as it was too stressful on the servers on Niantic, and might come back.

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