The in-game store's pet section says "Dwellers train to max level without stopping." and shows the image (I think) of a maine coon cat. Can anyone verify that that is what the Maine Coon cat does? The information I've seen online just says "improves training time" (as does the Black Lab.)

Fallout Shelter Store Text

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    I've tested with a (19% training time) Maine Coon cat and it definitely does not do this (neither does the Black Lab.) Is the text in the store incorrect? Is it for a different pet? Perhaps it has to be the Legendary version? – MarkF Aug 17 '16 at 0:01

The legendary version has that effect. It is noted "continuous". The pet is called Bangor. I have it and I can confirm it works without stopping until max level.

enter image description here

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The pet shown in the graphic you've attached is a "Maine Coon". The Maine Coons ability is decreased training time. Not training to max level without stopping.

As far as I can tell, no pets have that effect. Perhaps it was nerfed in a previous version.

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