On my PS4, I have one PSN account with my location set as India, and another account with location entered as United States. I have a PS Plus membership on my 1st account but not the 2nd account.

When I log into my PS4 using the 2nd (US) account I can see all my downloaded games and able to play them online (even though no PS Plus membership is used). My question is: if I purchase the game through PS store from 2nd account will I be able to play online if I logged in using either account?

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For games, 'Main' or 'Secondary' accounts can buy/download it and the game will be available for all accounts on the same PS4 system. With any account you download the game, you'll be able to play it on every account of that same console (no matter where it says it's located).

What you can't do is buy the Plus subscription on a secondary account, because it will only work on that account and on none other even on that system.

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