What is the fastest way to unlock everything in 007 Nightfire? Codes are okay.

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Cheat codes are accessible under "codenames" from the main menu.

Secret Unlocks Menu

All Modes

  • All Gadget Upgrades - Q LAB (with a space)

Single Player

  • Level Select (unlock all missions in story mode) - PASSPORT


  • All Multiplayer Characters - PARTY
  • All Multiplayer Modes - GAMEROOM
  • Explosive Scenery Option (Explosive Barrels in Maps) - BOOM

Some guides mistakenly imply that explosive scenery may be unlocked through Q LAB, but this is not the case. BOOM must be entered to unlock explosive scenery.

Many guides list redundant codes, when fewer codes produce the same effect. For example, PARTY unlocks every character, but there are 18 codes to unlock individual characters instead.

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