I've only come across single star systems. I'm curious to know if anyone has come across a double star system?

I've seen planets with two moons (albeit quite rare). Any double stars that I can look forward to?

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There are no multi-star systems in No Man's Sky.

In fact, not only can you only find single star systems, but the "star" of the system is not actually physically present. It's part of the skybox for that system.


With the release of No Man's Sky: Origins, the most recent major update, systems with multiple stars now exist within the universe!

Some rare systems are now home to multiple stars, creating stunning new patterns in the sky.

Binary star system


Star System Visuals

  • Additional stars have been added to the universe.
  • Some systems now have binary stars.
  • There is a rare chance for a system to have ternary stars.

I found a 3 star system and the stars are red green and blue. With a safe tropical planet. enter image description here

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