I am in the middle of Heartgold on my DS and want to know the easiest and fastest way to evolve my Togepi. He is already holding the soothing bell item.

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Visiting the Haircut Brothers in Goldenrod tunnel will provide a small boost to happiness once per day.

Daisy is also available in Pallet Town from 15:00 to 16:00 for another small daily boost.

A third option is to make him fight. Leveling up provides a friendship boost, assuming you don't faint, of course. Fighting Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members will also provide a boost, independently of leveling up.

You could also try the following berries :

  • Grepa (SpeDef)
  • Hondew (SpeAtt)
  • Kelpsy (Attack)
  • Pomeg (HP)
  • Qualot (Defense)
  • Tamato (Speed)

Those berries will raise the friendship of the Pokemon by a small amount, but will also decrease the EVs of the corresponding stat by 10, which may help if you're EV training and made a mistake. Note that these berries cannot be used if the Pokemon has 0 EVs in their corresponding skill.

Edit : A fifth option, although fairly expensive, is to give Vitamins to your Pokemon. THose will also provide a small boost, as well as 10 EVs for a stat.

Worth noting that walking around also passively increases Friendship.

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