Is there any way to access the in-game console in The Witcher 3 on PS4 to type custom commands? If yes, how can I access it?

  • Console versions don't have in-game consoles for many reasons. It's a security hole. It un-levels the playing field especially in multiplayer. The preconditions for getting a game certified by the console maker prohibit it. – Alan B Aug 29 '16 at 11:48

According to this source, the console is not natively available even on the PC version of the game. A separate mod, hosted on the Nexus website, is needed to access the in-game console. And, since the console version of Witcher 3 does not support mods, the in-game console cannot be accessed.

  • Good, I didn't know it wasn't even available on PC. Great, thanks! – Olivier Grégoire Aug 19 '16 at 20:44

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