My account that is sharing is not active nor is anyone else playing the game. The two titles that wont allow me to play are Counter Strike: Source, and Half life 2


There are reports of Valve games being shareable when purchased independently. However, the games appear to not be shareable when purchased as part of a bundle (e.g. Orange Box etc).



I have the same problem, also bought the HL2 series as a bundle.


I have a problem with this, but mine is happening on EVERY source game. did you buy the half life complete package? I bought them with valve complete pack. that might be the culprit. the bundled games. not sure though, valve has not responded to any of these posts. smh


Theres another topic about problem with games from bundles/packs.

For exaple: CS:GO can be shared ONLY if was bought as single game. If you bought Valve Complete Pack or Counter-Strike Complete Pack you CANT share games from it.

Its verry annoying. SFS started in year 2013 and they cant fix many EASY to fix THINGS. Shame on You.... Valve. Shame - On - You.


There are some games that cannot be played via family sharing. I know that H1Z1 is part of it of my own experience. Looks like CSS and HL2 are also part of that.

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