I have been encountering error 001-0502 since last month. I tried the solution posted by Nintendo (forward the ports), but it did not work and I do not know if I did it correctly (I tried to google it).

Now my 3DS-XL can only connect to the friend list and online game work by using my mobile hot-spot WiFi connection (ONLY and sometimes it will give me the error again!). I can't use the router.

Everything was OK before. I traveled to another country and I used my 3DS there and it was working properly. Once I came back, I started to face this issue.

I contacted the provider. They have no idea about 3DS so they did not understand my complaint. Their answer was to just restart the router/modem.

I thought maybe because I changed the country, something happened with the settings.

Thus, I want to try to format the 3DS.

  1. Is there a way to format the setting only?
  2. I have Pokémon games cartridges (X and OR) and Pokémon bank. Will I lose the saves? And is it easy to obtain the Pokémon Bank account?
  3. How can I check if the saves are saved on the cartridge or SD?

Has any one solved the 001-0502 issue or tried the formatting?

A second option is to try factory reset for the modem itself, but I want to check the 3DS first.


Resetting your 3DS will not remove any of your pokémon bank or cartridge data.

Pokémon bank is tied to your Nintendo Network ID (NNID) though -- make sure you can carry that over between your system resets.

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