Yesterday I was playing a game as Zarya. There was an Ana on our team, and though I was consistently the last one left alive in team fights (because Zarya never dies), I never saw the Ana use her ult. We ended up losing the game, at which point I inquired in chat as to whether or not the Ana ult had ever been used (strongly implying it should have been used on me). The Ana player responded that they did use their ult, but on the DVa, right before she exploded.

This made me wonder, if a big DVa is 'powered up', and her mech is killed, does the little DVa retain the power for the remaining time, or is it lost? And similarly, if a little DVa is nano-boosted and then calls in her mech, does she lose that boost?


No. Switching from mecha to mech-less (and vice versa) will cause the buff to be wasted.

This means you lose the buff in three ways:

  • Mecha D.Va is powered up and then the mech is destroyed by an enemy
  • Mecha D.Va is powered up and then she uses her ult (mech is destroyed)
  • Mech-less D.Va is powered up and she calls her mech back

Source: I play Ana and it tilts me to no end when I boost a D.Va and she immediately decides to ult.

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    This is what I would have expected. Evidence gets votes. – DCShannon Aug 22 '16 at 19:45
  • In short: don't use an Ana ult on D.Va? – Mast Aug 23 '16 at 8:20
  • @Mast I don't know about that. D.Va does a lot of damage with her mech's cannons, especially in close quarters combat (which pretty much all capture points are). A boosted D.Va at full health does even more damage and is very hard to take down - she's got a lot of effective health, thanks to the damage-reducing properties of armor plus the damage reduction of the buff itself. The fact that she can keep putting out damage without stopping to reload makes her a better boost target than Roadhog in general (imo). – Mage Xy Aug 23 '16 at 16:42

No. If her mech is killed, or she uses her ultimate ability, Ana's Nano Boost is removed. The opposite also applies: If she calls her mech while boosted, she does not keep the buff.

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