So let's say I have a score of 4 out of 5. How can I use /testfor to detect I have 4 points. I know how to use /testfor @p[score_Points_min=5. If I take out the min I get this: /testfor @p[score_Points=4] You know, to detect that I have 4 points. This should work right? No, it still activates when I have 2 points. I want this to tell me I have 4 points. I've tried every single command that would possibly work. However it STILL consists of activating no matter what score I have. How can I get this to work? For any more info ask me!


The two arguments to test a scoreboard objective are score_name and score_name_min. The first detects anyone with that score or below, and the latter detects anyone with that score or above.

It works in this slightly confusing way because r (the radius argument, which was introduced first) made intuitive sense to be "within this radius", and rm to be the minimum radius (at least this far away). This was continued on into the other arguments where it doesn't make as much sense.

To detect for an exact score, you need to use both of these arguments:

/testfor @p[score_Points=4,score_Points_min=4] 
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