I have been playing captain's mode in DOTA for one month, not a single time I was chosen as captain. On doing some research, I found that there is some button of Become Captain, since my internet connection is slow I am always second in loading the match. I tried google if I can see screenshot of that screen so I can see where that button is showed? But no luck. Dota forum, reddit, they all say there is this button you should click to become captain but I cant find exactly where.

If I am able to know where DOTA shows the become captain button I can start clicking at that place before it loads, so the chances of clicking after match loading are more?

Can anybody tell me where this option is ? Any screenshot would be helpful.


I believe this may be the button you're referring too?

enter image description here

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    Good luck getting captain! Aug 23 '16 at 12:25

Actually, if you play captain mode in RANKED games, the captain is always the one with the highest MMR rank, so you don't have a button. :D

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