I'm planning a build for survival but I don't know what bobbleheads are obtainable at the start. I only know the SPECIAL book and the Perception is readily available.

Wikia search tells me where they are, but I'm not certain all are accessible.

Charisma seems to be tied to the Cabot questline, and the Strength one is probably tied to the end-game quest, but I can't find details on their accessibility.

What SPECIAL bobbleheads can I obtain as a low level?

What SPECIAL bobbleheads can be obtained within the first 2 hours of gameplay?


Most of the bobbleheads are far too far away and are in strong areas. Without ridiculously careful planning and preparation, or with a rush, it would be very difficult to acquire them, and almost impossible to acquire more than one. I've made a list of the ones that are achievable easily from the start. It may also be best to leave the bobbleheads until you have acquired 10 in the Special stats, as collecting them after is (currently) the only way to raise these stats to 11:

Perception Bobblehead -

When you get to Concord and do the quest, "When Freedom calls" very early on, it can easily be acquired there

Intelligence Bobblehead -

Can be acquired within 2 hours, at the Boston Public Library, as it's in a fairly close, low leveled area to the start. However, at Survival difficulty this is nearly impossible to obtain at 'low level'.

I have made a list of why it would be difficult to obtain the others:


In a medium-leveled area with story implications.


in a high-level area on a different corner of the map from the start.


locked behind a quest.


on the other side of the map.


in a high-level area on a different corner of the map from the start.

Here's a map, showing the location of each bobblehead:

Bobblehead Locations

  • Hmm, I need to see if the Strength one is accessible without the relevant story quest. I forgot to test if they can be blown up... might try to knock them around using a missile launcher/grenades. – Nelson Aug 25 '16 at 1:14
  • 1
    I would say on Survival, Boston Library is no longer a "low level" area. A single super mutant is going to take a dozen shots to the head, and that's assuming he doesn't have a gun. You'll die in two shots. – Nelson Aug 29 '16 at 6:54
  • Confirmed that Strength is accessible and is not quest locked. Currently level 65 and trying to setup settlements to reach L, A, and E bobbleheads... – Nelson Sep 9 '16 at 8:24
  • I've seen a youtuber (ManyATrueNerd) get the intelligence bobble head at a very low level by using the turrets, mines and a stealth boy if I recall.. I believe it was his survival run. Not sure but, I don't think it's impossible to do so.. – Codingale Sep 7 '17 at 23:07

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