Is it any specific language? The people themselves and their culture seem to be intentionally generic.

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The language you hear the tribes speaking in From Dust is a mix of Swahili and Malay languages.

Source may be broken; other sources: 1 2 3

All sources are based on the "Top 10 things Ubisoft Montpellier think you ought to know about this game".


I'm sorry if I'm late, but I do confirm there is a part of Indonesian/Malay language. I wasn't looking at the subtitles when I began a new game, and I immediately recognized the language when the narrator spoke, but it is indeed mixed with another language, probably Swahili like Samthere stated.

Source : myself, I'm not an Indonesian but I've lived there for 3 years, so I can speak some basics


No it's not Malay!

It's called "Bahasa Indonesia" language. They used the local language from a specific tribe in Indonesia: that's why it differs in accent and some words. The local language has a lot of differences from the national language.

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  • No it is definitely not an Indon language. It is clearly Malay, with correct pronunciation and mix with other language.
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It is a mix of mostly Bahasa Indonesia, Ternate and some other West Papuan sub-languages.

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